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Transit of Mercury - 03 May,2003

An awesome celestial event that occurs about 13 times each century. The first transit of mercury of the 21st century occurred on 7th may, 2003. The observation of the transit of planet mercury across the solar disc was an event not to be missed by any astronomy enthusiast. KAC made elaborate arrangements to helpthe general public, students, teachers and any interested person to witness the event. Prior to the date of the event on 03.05.2003, a seminar was arranged by KAC at the physics dept. of Presidency College, kolkata involving various science clubs willing to observe the event. There , Shri Asis Mukherjee,, Shri Kaustuv Chaudhuri and astronomer Shri Kalyankumar Bandyopadhay scientifically elaborated the tidbits of the event and how to observe it safely. On the day of the event, four observation centers one each at Presidency College campus, Kankurgachi VIP market rooftop, Lake Town Girls School and Bangiya Vigyan Parisad were opened. Six refracting telescopes properly guarded and a huge no of trained KAC personnel were mobilized to conduct the programs. About 2500 people including around 1500 students gathered to observe the event successfully.


Up Coming Programs

Venue : Anandadhara Apt, Aikatan Housing Society, Prafullakanan (west), Kolkata, 700101
Time : Camp starting from 22.30 IST ( 27 July) to 4.00 IST ( 28 july)
Partial from 23:54 ( 27 Jul) t0 03:49 (28 Jul)
Totality from 01:00 IST (28 Jul) to 02:43 IST (28 Jul)

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