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Rendezvous with the Mars - 27 August, 2003

On 27.08.2003, the earth experienced the closest encounter with Mars, the red planet after a long period of 60,000 years. KAC took active initiative of organizing the observation of such a rare event successfully. The program arranged by KAC was nicknamed - Rendezvous with the Mars. Prior to the event date on 24.08.2003, a seminar session was organized by KAC at P.B. Bangla academy. Prof. Basudev Bhattacharya, President of Sky watchers association delivered the theme address on Mars opposition. Dr. Shankar Nath delivered a lecture on methods of observation of the event. At the end, Mr. Kaustuv Chaudhuri, Gen-Sec of KAC and Smt. Kakoli Chatterjee conducted a slide show on mars explorations. About 200 audiences from different field attended the workshop. On the day of the event one 5 inch and two 4 inch Newtonian telescopes were pressed into service on the VIP market rooftop & one 8inch telescope was placed at Baruipur for public viewing. This observation continued for 3 days consecutively and was observed by so many general people from all over the Kolkata metropolitan area


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Venue : Anandadhara Apt, Aikatan Housing Society, Prafullakanan (west), Kolkata, 700101
Time : Camp starting from 22.30 IST ( 27 July) to 4.00 IST ( 28 july)
Partial from 23:54 ( 27 Jul) t0 03:49 (28 Jul)
Totality from 01:00 IST (28 Jul) to 02:43 IST (28 Jul)

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