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Transit of Venus - 08 June, 2004

After Transit of Mercury, it was the time for Venus Transit. This TOV is truly a spectacular and one of the rarest celestial phenomenon. The last TOV occurred on 1882 A.D. This time , this rare phenomenon occurred on 8 June, 2004. A grand public awareness program at P.B. Bangla Academ, Kolkata was organized by KAC on 6th June 2004, two days before the event. Theme address was delivered by Shri Mrinalkanti pal Roy, Astronomer of Positional Astronomy Centre on Venus Transit Dr. Shankar Nath focused on safe methods of transit observation. KAC president and astronomer Dr. Kalyankumar Bandyopadhyay revealed the myths and legends of the planet venus during ancient Indian and world culture. At the end Mr. Kaustuv Chaudhuri and Mr. Anupam Naskar revealed the venusian topography in a stunning slide show. On the event day ( 08 june, 2004) about 700 observers gathered at VIP market rooftop and about 500 observers at Salt lake CD park including many students on the observation centres opened by trained KAC members.Leaflets in English and Bengali were delivered freely. Newtonian reflectors with proper myler sheet solar filters, filtered binoculars and projection mechanism were used to view the event. The next TOV will occur on 6th june, 2012. After that this rare event will be observed by a world of completely new generation in the year 2117 A.D.


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Venue : Anandadhara Apt, Aikatan Housing Society, Prafullakanan (west), Kolkata, 700101
Time : Camp starting from 22.30 IST ( 27 July) to 4.00 IST ( 28 july)
Partial from 23:54 ( 27 Jul) t0 03:49 (28 Jul)
Totality from 01:00 IST (28 Jul) to 02:43 IST (28 Jul)

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