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Annular Solar Eclipse, Dhanuskothi, India -15th January , 2010

KAC organized a camp at Dhanuskothi of Rameswaram island situated at Tamilnadu state of India from dated 13th January to 15th January, 2011 It was the longest annular solar eclipse of the millennium, and the longest until December 23, 3043, with a maximum length of 11 minutes, 7.8 seconds. This is about 4 minutes longer than total solar eclipses could ever get. A special team with renowned scientist, astrophysicist & eclipse-photographer took part in this camp. So many astronomy lovers from all over the India & local people joined with us also. (The solar eclipse of January 4, 1992, was longer, at 11 minutes, 41 seconds, occurring in the middle of the Pacific Ocean.) The eclipse was visible as an annular eclipse within a narrow stretch of 300 km (190 mi) width across Central Africa, Maldives, South Kerala (India), South Tamil Nadu (India), Sri Lanka and parts of Bangladesh only. At approximately 13:20 IST, the annular solar eclipse entered India atThiruvananthapuram (Trivandrum), Kerala and exited India at Dhanuskothi, Tamil Nadu. The eclipse was viewable for 10.4 minutes in India. After Dhanuskothi, it entered Sri Lanka at Delft Island, exited at Jaffna in Sri Lanka, crossed the Bay of Bengal and re-entered India in Mizoram. Dhanushkodi, which falls on the central line of the eclipse, was a good place to view the eclipse.


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Venue : Anandadhara Apt, Aikatan Housing Society, Prafullakanan (west), Kolkata, 700101
Time : Camp starting from 22.30 IST ( 27 July) to 4.00 IST ( 28 july)
Partial from 23:54 ( 27 Jul) t0 03:49 (28 Jul)
Totality from 01:00 IST (28 Jul) to 02:43 IST (28 Jul)

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